About Us

We supply the best and most affordable agricultural commodities to our international buyers to over 40 countries around the world.

About Us

MDX Global Resources

MDX Global Resources is a foremost Nigerian company known for export and supply of agro-commodities to over 40+ countries around the world.

We are committed to supplying agro-products with the highest quality to all our international buyers.


MDX Global Resources Ltd (formerly known as Dorax Global Commodities Ltd) is well equipped & have mapped out an effective procedure to enable all our international buyers secure a credible and consistent supply for agricultural products. It was established in the year 2020, and was duly registered with CAC with an RC: 1724060, FIRS Tax ID number: 23713123-0001, and NEPC Export license number: 0011057.

We partners with grains farmers/suppliers, government organizations & agencies in Nigeria to achieve our goals in exports. The company is striving to always deliver the best commodities with the highest quality. And we also ensure to build & sustain very long-term rewarding relationships with all our clients & partners.

Our Vision

To offer best global trade services in agro-exports, providing high quality products at competitive price ensuring long term contracts.

Our Mission

We seek to become one-stop agro-exports & supply solution provider in Africa, with our vast experience in international trade and shipping proficiency.


Mr. Rabiu Mohammed Dogo (CITP, MNCS, MIAENG) is an entrepreneur with an expertise in international trade & export business, business management, e-commerce and agriculture. He holds masters in ICT and MBA in finance & investment.



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